Are You Facing Serious Jail Time After Being Accused of a Crime?

Get a credible defense by hiring Christopher D. Salter, P.C. in Mobile, Foley, Alabama

Being arrested for any type of crime can lead to serious consequences, both now and in the future. Don’t put your rights on the line and lose your privileges of owning a gun, buying a house or gaining employment – turn to Christopher D. Salter, P.C. serving Baldwin County, Mobile, Foley and Mobile, AL.

Count on our accomplished legal professional when you’ve been arrested for:

• Capital murder
• Possession
• Distribution
• Attempt to commit a controlled substance crime
• Manufacturing

Christopher D. Salter, P.C. serving Mobile, Foley, Baldwin County and Mobile will look at every aspect of your case to build a solid defense that will get you the best possible outcome. In addition to criminal defense, our legal professional can also help you with your DUI and expungement cases.

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